Process & Tools Analyst at Focus

Process & Tools Analyst:


  • Act as tools administrator (access management, management enablement and support, maintenance, data quality & integrity…)
  • Maintain systems integrations to promote best practices and seamless processes
  • Actively troubleshoot issues within our Information System and coordinate with different stakeholders to ensure timely resolution
  • Work with end-users to provide best practices and tips on tool usage including training, documentation, and support as necessary
  • Develop a solid understanding of the department-specific business processes and work with the business to design and implement new processes.
  • Model and implement business processes as data structures.
  • Collect business needs and write functionnal/technical specifications
  • Be the point of contact with internal and external technical teams in relation to our information system.
  • Conduct acceptance tests for the tools and solutions delivered
  • Continuously evolve existing processes & tools
  • Stay current with tool releases and corresponding documentation and provide new functionalities and solutions as needed.
  • Conduct comparative studies, benchmarks and tests necessary for the choice of tools and solutions in line with needs.
  • Identify optimal solutions in terms of quality / cost
  • Assist the IT team in setting up and deploying solutions


  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Business-oriented Computing
  • Knowledge of application and software development and/or administration
  • Ability to solve high-level software and application issues
  • Technical knowledge of databases and scripting
  • Very good learning ability
  • Logical thinking and Problem solving
  • Very good communication skills
  • Good reporting