Mission, Vision, Values


Our vision is to become an internationally recognized institution in education and scientific research, making a substantial impact on business and society.


TBS is dedicated to achieving excellence in scholarly education, fostering innovative research, and building strong connections with the business community. We are committed to advancing knowledge and cultivating future leaders, experts, and managers.

Strategic Axes:

  • Education: Striving for excellence in teaching and learning.
  • Scientific Research: Seeking international recognition for our research endeavors.
  • Outreach: Making strong contributions to the Tunisian industry and society.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Excellence in Teaching/Learning: Continuously enhancing our educational programs to deliver exceptional learning experiences.
  • Research International Recognition: Building a reputation for groundbreaking research at an international level.
  • Strong Contributions in the Tunisian Industry: Partnering with industry stakeholders to drive innovation and growth.

Core Values:

  • Ethics: Upholding ethical principles and integrity in all endeavors.
  • Leadership: Nurturing leadership qualities and visionary thinking among our community.
  • Excellence: Striving for excellence in everything we do, from academics to research and beyond.
  • Lifelong Learning: Promoting a culture of continuous learning and personal developmen