Marketing Major

Learning outcomes for Marketing major

Student seeking a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a Marketing major are expected to acquire the following learning outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate ability to synthesize the key variables in a marketing situation.
  • Students will demonstrate ability to evaluate the importance of ethics, diversity and global issues in marketing and in the business environment.
  • Students will demonstrate the necessary research and analytical skills to support a broad range of marketing strategic and operational decisions.
  • Students will demonstrate ability to Communicate effectively and persuasively the principles and concepts of marketing as they apply in unique business settings.
  • Students will demonstrate marketing competencies through real work experience and related networking

Curriculum for Marketing major

Course Earned credits Contact hours/week
Intensive General English 3 9
Debating Skills 1 1.5
Calculus for Business 3 4.5
French I 1 3
Algorithms and Data Structures 3 4.5
TBS Organization Seminar 0 1
Principles of Management 3 4.5
Linear Algebra for Business 3 4.5
Financial accounting 3 4.5
Introduction to Microeconomics 3 4.5
Probability & Statistics for Business I 3 4.5
French II 1 1:30
Information System Design & Database 3 3
Course Earned credits Contact hours/week
Business English 2 1:30
Managerial Accounting 3 4.5
Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 4.5
Web Development 3 3
Probability & Statistics for Business II 3 4.5
Introduction to Management of Information Systems (MIS) 3 4.5
Business law 3 3
Fundamentals of Marketing 3 4.5
Business Optimization 3 4.5
Principles of Finance 3 4.5
Technical writing 2 3
Advanced Web Development 3 3

For Junior & Senior classes, the student must also choose a minor from other disciplines. A minor includes at least five classes as specified by discipline.

Course Earned credits Contact hours/week
Consumer Behavior 3 4.5
Product Management 3 4.5
Marketing Communication 3 4.5
International Marketing 3 4.5
Marketing Channels 3 4.5
Digital Marketing 3 4.5
Sales Management 3 4.5
Production and Operations Management 3 4.5
Course Earned credits Contact hours/week
Marketing Research 3 4.5
Services Marketing 3 4.5
Brand Management 3 4.5
Strategic Marketing Management 3 4.5
Capstone Project 6 or 12 NA

The Capstone project is worth 12 credit hours when taken as an internship project. The student may also take a project at the school having 6 credits and must supplement the needed credits to satisfy graduation requirements of 130 credits.

Minor Business Analytics

Junior level Senior Level
Course Course
Decision & Game Theory Supply Chain Management
Data Analysis
Business Data Mining
Reporting Skills

Minor IT

Junior level Senior Level
Course Course
Business Intelligence and Database Administration Object-Oriented Programming
System Administration (Linux) Standards for IT Project Management or Web Services
Information Systems Assurance and Security
Reporting Skills