FIN 350 - Financial Markets

Course Description

The course aims to provide a thorough understanding of both the mechanics and the operations of financial derivatives markets, whilst paying particular attention to the trading and evaluation of equity, interest rate, FX and credit derivatives.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Acquire and understand the central issues of how to trade and price financial securities.
  • Enhance their ability to use different kinds of technical tools to hedge their financial risk exposures.

Course Materials

  • Investments, Zvie Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan Marcus, McGraw Hill, 10th edition, 2014.
  • Options, Futures and other Derivatives, John Hull, John Wiley. 10th edition.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Financial Markets and Assets
  • Asset classes and financial instruments
  • How securities are traded
  • Mutual funds and other investment companies
  • Risk vs Return
  • Risky portfolio optimization
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model
  • Efficient Market Hypothesis
  • Behavioral finance and technical analysis
  • Bond prices and yields
  • The term structure of interest rates
  • Futures markets
  • Forward and Futures Valuation

TBS Grading Scale

Scale (out of 100)TBS Grading ScaleGrade Point
Grade > 90A4.0
87≤ Grade < 90A-3.7
83 ≤ Grade < 87B+3.3
80 ≤ Grade < 83B3.0
77 ≤ Grade < 80B-2.7
73≤ Grade < 77C+2.3
70 ≤ Grade < 73C2.0
67 ≤ Grade < 70C-1.7
65 ≤ Grade < 67D+1.3
60 ≤ Grade < 65D1.0
Grade < 60F0.0