FIN 320 - Management of Financial Institutions

Course Description

This course introduces the major intermediaries in the financial service industry, their main features, services, sources of funds and the key regula>ons governing these financial ins>tu>ons. In addi>on, the course introduces a list of financial exposures common to financial ins>tu>ons, offers in-depth analysis of the two risks: Interest rate risk and Credit risk

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students should be able to learn:

  • the different financial ins>tu>ons as the main intermediaries in the financial market
  • the financial statements (Balance, Off-Balance and income statements) of Commercial Banks
  • the different risks Commercial Banks face (credit, liquidity, opera>onal, capital, market)
  • the analysis of Commercial Bank performance

Course Materials

  • class course: PPT presentation
  • Online class through TEAMS
  • Online materials on TEAMS

Course Content

  • Introduc>on to Financial Institutons
  • Financial Statement of Commercial Banks
  • Analyzing Commercial Bank Performance
  • Risk Managemen

TBS Grading Scale

Scale (out of 100)TBS Grading ScaleGrade Point
Grade > 90A4.0
87≤ Grade < 90A-3.7
83 ≤ Grade < 87B+3.3
80 ≤ Grade < 83B3.0
77 ≤ Grade < 80B-2.7
73≤ Grade < 77C+2.3
70 ≤ Grade < 73C2.0
67 ≤ Grade < 70C-1.7
65 ≤ Grade < 67D+1.3
60 ≤ Grade < 65D1.0
Grade < 60F0.0