CS120 – Information Systems Design &Databases

Course Description

This course initiatesstudents to information systemsdesign using UML and to database management. Students will learn about components of information systems, the life cycle of information systems development, and the role of databases in information systems. The objective of this courseis to introduce students to :

  • user requirements analysis,
  • Information systems design,
  • database creation and manipulation. In this context, UML (uses case, class and sequence diagrams), relational database models and SQL will be studied.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of thiscourse students should be able to:

  • formalize user requirements by producing specification documents and UML use cases diagrams
  • use UML diagrams to visualize the design of information systems (class diagram and sequence diagram)
  • Identify the role of databases in information systems
  • Deduce Relational database models
  • Cerate and manipulate relational databases using typical DBMSand SQL.

Course Materials

  • Lecture notes
  • Labs

Course Content

  • Introduction to information systems
  • User requirements analysis :
  • UML use case diagram,
  • User Requirements Document (URD)
  • Information system design :
  • UML Class diagram,
  • UML sequence diagram
  • Role of databases in information systems
  • Relational database model
  • Database management : SQL (DDL, DML)

TBS Grading Scale

Scale (out of 100)TBS Grading ScaleGrade Point
Grade > 90A4.0
87≤ Grade < 90A-3.7
83 ≤ Grade < 87B+3.3
80 ≤ Grade < 83B3.0
77 ≤ Grade < 80B-2.7
73≤ Grade < 77C+2.3
70 ≤ Grade < 73C2.0
67 ≤ Grade < 70C-1.7
65 ≤ Grade < 67D+1.3
60 ≤ Grade < 65D1.0
Grade < 60F0.0