Master in Fintech

With the rise of disruptive technologies and the new generation of Big Data and FinTech; concepts of money, payments, identity, and security need to be looked at through a new lens. The master of Fintech helps students to become finance professionals that respond early and effectively to ride the wave, and take advantage of the new opportunities.

The master in Fintech at TBS is done in a partnership with Vermeg. The master is done in a cooperative mode where students work at Vermeg while doing their master’s degree.

Courses include :

  • Financial markets and Securities

  • Insurance Products

  • Financial Programming & Software Testing

  • Financial Software Architecture

  • Digital Project Management

  • Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory

  • Blockchain Finance and Cryptocurrency

  • Trends in Fintech industry

  • Financial Data Analysis

  • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

  • Data mining

  • Numerical Methods in Finance

  • Financial Risk Management

  • Communication and Team Management