Finance Major

Learning outcomes for finance major:

Student seeking a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a Major of finance are expected to acquire the following learning outcomes:

  1. The student demonstrates ability to explain the main theoretical financial concepts and their practical implications (ISLO 1)

  2. The student demonstrates ability to apply financial tools, techniques and models to practical business situations in a way to derive viable solutions for real financial problems. (ISLO 2)

  3. The student demonstrates ability to produce responsible and ethical financial decisions (ISLO 3)

  4. The student demonstrates ability to effectively communicate financial information both orally and in writing using the appropriate terminology (ISLO 4)

  5. The student demonstrates strong teamwork skills (ISLO 5).

  6. The student demonstrates leadership skills (ISLO 6).

Curriculum for finance major:

Freshmen level

CourseEarned creditsContact hours/week
Intensive General English39
Debating Skills11.5
Calculus for Business34.5
French I13
Algorithms and Data Structures34.5
TBS Organization Seminar01
Principles of Management34.5
Linear Algebra for Business34.5
Financial accounting34.5
Introduction to Microeconomics34.5
Probability & Statistics for Business I34.5
French II11:30
Information System Design & Database33

Sophomore level

CourseEarned creditsContact hours/week
Business English21:30
Managerial Accounting34.5
Introduction to Macroeconomics34.5
Web Development33
Probability & Statistics for Business II34.5
Introduction to Management of Information Systems (MIS)34.5
Business law33
Fundamentals of Marketing34.5
Business Optimization34.5
Principles of Finance34.5
Technical writing23
Advanced Web Development33

Junior level

** Course **** Earned credits **** Contact hours/week **
Corporate Finance34.5
Financial Markets34.5
Management of Financial Institutions34.5
Derivative Securities34.5
Investments and Portfolio Management34.5
Financial Statement Analysis34.5
Money and Banking (elective)34.5
Ethical and Professional Standards (elective)34.5
Islamic Finance (elective)34.5

Senior level

** Course **** Earned credits **** Contact hours/week **
Financial Risk Management34.5
Advanced Corporate Finance34.5
Financial Modeling in Excel34.5
Special Topics in Finance (elective)34.5
International Financial Management (elective)34.5
Insurance Products (elective)
Capstone Project6 or 12NA

The Capstone project is worth 12 credit hours when taken as an internship project. The student may also take a project at the school having 6 credits and must supplement the needed credits to satisfy graduation requirements of 130 credits.


For Junior & Senior classes, the student must also choose a minor from other disciplines. A minor includes at least five classes as specified by discipline. |

Minor Business Analytics

Junior levelSenior Level
Decision & Game TheorySupply Chain Management
Data Analysis
Time Series Analysis
Reporting Skills

Minor Accounting

Intermediate Accounting IAdvanced Accounting
Advanced Managerial Accounting
Intermediate Accounting II
Taxation I
Reporting Skills

Minor International Economics

International Trade Theory and Policy
International and Global PoliticsInternational Political Economy
Political Economy of DevelopmentInternational Financial Economics
Reporting Skills

Minor Marketing

Consumer BehaviorMarketing Research
International MarketingServices Marketing
Digital Marketing

Minor IT

Junior levelSenior Level
Business Intelligence and Database AdministrationObject-Oriented Programming
System Administration (Linux)Standards for IT Project Management or Web Services
Information Systems Assurance and Security
Reporting Skills