About TBS

Welcome to Tunis Business School (TBS), a pioneering institution at the University of Tunis that has been shaping futures since its inception on October 25th, 2010 (decree n°2755 of October 25th, 2010). As the first and only public business school in Tunisia to utilize English as its primary language of instruction and adopt the US higher education academic system, TBS stands as a beacon of innovation and global learning.

Our establishment aligns with the strategic vision of the government, aiming to invigorate the Tunisian economy, elevate competitive benchmarks, and foster offshore activities. At TBS, we are committed to excellence across three pillars: Education, Research, and Outreach.


TBS offers a dynamic learning environment where students engage with cutting-edge curricula designed to develop critical thinking, leadership skills, and a global mindset. Our teaching methodologies are inspired by renowned business schools and include:

  • Case Studies: Dive deep into real-world scenarios, analyze challenges, and develop strategic solutions.

  • Business Simulation: Step into the shoes of industry professionals, navigate complex business landscapes, and hone decision-making abilities.

  • Skills-Based Approach: Focus on practical skills development through hands-on projects, workshops, and industry collaborations.

  • Experiential Learning: Combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience, internships, and immersive learning opportunities.


TBS is a hub of intellectual inquiry and innovation, fostering a vibrant research culture that contributes to academic scholarship and industry advancements. Our faculty members are actively engaged in interdisciplinary research projects, addressing contemporary challenges and driving impactful change.


As part of our commitment to societal development, TBS actively engages with local communities, businesses, and government entities through various outreach initiatives. From executive education programs to consulting services, we leverage our expertise to catalyze positive transformation and sustainable growth.

Join us at Tunis Business School and embark on a transformative educational journey that empowers you to excel in a rapidly evolving global landscape. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or industry partner, TBS offers a platform for innovation, collaboration, and lifelong learning. Explore endless possibilities and unlock your potential with TBS – Where Excellence Meets Opportunity.

TBS Organization Chart
TBS Organization Chart