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February 03rd, 2023

January 27th, 2023

Announcement to Senior Students looking for an internship
-Logient Canada (www.logient.com ) offers 6 end-of- studies internships
for TBS students (Major or Minor in Business Analytics and
Information Technology in either combination).The internship takes
place at Logient business unit specialized in “Business Applications”;
-Logient is a Canadian company working in business software services
intended for development, integration, consulting and
-The internship will occur in 2 phases: A training phase and an
application phase. The training starts in February.
– The offered trainings during the first phase are Power Platform or
Microsoft Dynamics (depending on availability); including passing
Microsoft certification exam.
– In the second phase, the intern will design and set up a business
– Interested students could send theirs applications to the following
email address: academie@logient.com

January 17th, 2023
The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies Scholarships

November 25th, 2022
2nd Announcement of Doctoral program

Colloque international: Francophonie numérique et diversité culturelle : dynamiques centrifuges et centripètes

November 24th, 2022

13th International Finance Conference, IFC13, TUNISIA,
ISFBI 2nd edition, as the 13th IFC, IFC13

November 19th, 2022

November 15th, 2022
Mid-Term Schedule Semester 1 -2022/2023

November 08th, 2022
Emploi Du Temps Mastère M1 NGOs : 1er Semestre (2022/2023)

November 03rd, 2022

October 27th, 2022
Important Note to Senior Students

September 05th, 2022

Doha Institute for Graduate Studies Scholarships: Scholarship Announcement , Academic programs , Submission Process

July 06th, 2022

“Nermine Bouabid: Presidential Award 2021”

حصول الطالبة المتخرجة نرمين بوعبيد على جائزة فخامة رئيس الجمهورية لسنة 2021

June 22th, 2022

Congratulations to Sarra and Fatma Ezzahra for being selected to participate in MEPI program.

selected in MEPI program

June 15th, 2022

Congratulations to TJSP Finalists

selected in SUSI program

Congratulations to Maram and Amine for being selected in SUSI program

selected in SUSI program

June 14th, 2022
TBS internship Report submission

June 02nd, 2022
ERASMUS+ Scholarships at University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Netherlands.

June 02nd, 2022

Webinar from Groupe ESC Clermont, France

Master program opportunities and privileges offered to TBS applicants

TBS has signed a partnership treaty with groupe ESC Clermont that includes students & faculty exchange programs in addition to some special discounts for TBS graduates seeking to apply for a Master program at ESC Clermont.

On Tuesday June 7th, there will be a Webinar at 11:00 am by Audrey ESTEVES, in charge of International Relations Iat ESC Clermont Business School.

On Microsoft Teams at the following Link:


May 25th, 2022
l’UNIMED, dans le cadre du projet SARDEGNA FORMED, financé par la Fondation de Sardaigne, est en train de lancer à nouveau le programme d’échanges et de mobilité des étudiants vers l’Italie à l’Université de Sassari et Cagliari.

May 12th, 2020

Sarra Ouni & Yasmine Abdelwahed

ERASMUS exchange TBS students at ISAG, Porto, PORTUGAL

Semester II, 2021-2022

TBS students at ISAG, Porto

Feburary 08th, 2022

TBS launching the AACSB accreditation process

The University of Tunis is an Educational Member of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), An Educational Member of the IACBE is an academic business unit that has met the IACBE’s requirements for membership and has affirmed its commitment to excellence in business education. For more information on Educational Membership and the IACBE, please visit the IACBE website: www.iacbe.org

October 20th, 2020

Harvard partnership

Harvard partnership

April 10th, 2020
Courses Check list for graduating seniors

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